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Welcome to CallSign Software. We produce custom integrated radio station software for the Amateur Radio Operator and Shortwave Listener. Our software offers features that are targeted at radio control and an Integrated Station Monitoring Facility. This is "Computer Aided Radio Support Software for the Casual Operator, Rag Chewer, and General Radio Enthusiast who wants to experience as much as possible in one wholly integrated software package backed by an extensive database.

“Each Package is customized for each radio. It is not just one size fits all!” Our software components are seemlessly integrated together through a common database. The user is not confronted with an infinite set complexities of choice or the challange of assembling a software U-DO-IT electronics kit.

We strive to perfect each software package. We test each package on EVERY radio that it runs on. We do not rely on our users for software testing of untried software on a radio we do not own. In fact we own EVERY radio we produce a software package for. We DO NOT just throw in radios because they are similar. Each radio type is unique with its features and basic timing. We thoroughly shake down each pacakge BEFORE it is released.

This software has been developed and continues to be developed by a long time HAM, WA1EYP, and Professional Software Engineer with a speciality in real-time 24x7 systems and 40+ years of experience in the industry. “We know how to develop high quality software and we will not charge you to fix our bugs!”. We have sold over 1300 copies of our software packages in 30 countries world wide.

We have a dedicated group of beta testors that usually find some obscure bugs. Each panel goes through a minimum of 30 days testing prior to release. We place “QUALITY BEFORE PROFIT”. So if you want high quality software and not pay support fees, give us a try. We are not perfect but our developer, a HAM and SWL is responsive to user's needs.

In order to maintain our level of quality, we are SLOWLY expanding our base of supported radios into the ICOM, Kenwood, and Yaesu product lines. If you do not see a supported radio that you are interested in then just ask Mike. It may be in the works. Each panel does take time as we are committed to maintaining its quality BEFORE and AFTER initial release with frequent “FREE” updates.

We offer an array of features that make the software an integrated station position. In addition to radio control we offer the following Array of capabilities (Where applicable to each radio's capabilities). We offer Free Software Manuals to our prospective users for your review before you buy. Visit our downloads page to download anyone of the available manuals.

We have been developing and enhancing this package for over 12 years on both receivers and transceivers with suggestions from our user base of over 1500 registered users in over 25 counties. This package is still being enhanced by our developer of over 40 years experience in producing robust 24x7 Systems for Indistry. The software is a tightly integrated package of a wide range of capabilities with integrated web and database, not just a collection of modules written by a dozen programmers lashed together into a "YOU DO IT" software kit.

We will continue to enhance this package as our users give use valuable input.

Here is a brief summary of the many features we offer the HAM and SWL operator:

General Capabilities Summary:

- Multiple Configuration Support including bands, memories, and all preferences settings
- Station Logging, mutiple Log file Capable with Printing of Mailing Lists
- Station Log ADIF Export and Import support for selected records or entire log
- Printing Envelopes, and Logbook Printing with custom Headers and Footers
- ARRL(c) Worked All States Tracking Window
- ARRL(c) U.S. BandPlan Information Window
- DX Callsign Country Prefix Database Lookup
- CallSign Lookup on Web, Radio Amatuers CallBook(c), and HamCall(c) CDs
- Certificate Tracking Log tracking qualifying Certificates and "logging" Log
- MixW(c) Support with extensions for Commander(c)
- Spectrun Scope that sweeps a band segment with both read and write storage memory
- Receiver "GCR Mode" for doing Propagation Sweeps of the ENTIRE Spectrum or a Segment
- Sound Scope displaying the Received signal Audio in REAL-TIME
- Signal Averaging Scope that Averages Signal Strength over time
- Signal Amplitude Scope displaying the Received Signal Amplitude in REAL-Time
- Beacon Logging to a dedicated beacon log
- IARU Beacon Monitor
- Real Time Propagation Monitoring
- Real Time GreyLine Topological Monitor Display
- DX Cluster Monitoring with Filtering, separate Logging Facility and Instant QSY
- Memory System with Triple BandStatcking Registers, integrated Browser, and Scanning
- Memory Registers Track Radio's Settings, Scope's Configuration, and Sweep Data per band
- Customizable Band Segments including Frequency, Label, and Color
- Channelized FM Mode for the 10 Meter Enthusiast with customizable channel segments
- User Customizable Mode Default Settings
- Griffin PowerMate(c) USB Knob support
- Integrated Mouse Wheel Support
- Audio based Spectrum WaterFall Display
- Wire Antenna Work Bench
- Microsoft Windows(c) Support, Win2000, XP, Vista or Windows7
- PC Configuration Performance Tuning Parameters
- User Customizable Settings save and automatic backup scheme of critical data
- World Time Display Window
- Routing Bridge for 3rd Party Radio Connectivity
- Software Switchable Error Logging for Enhanced Product Support
- Grid Square Map
- Independent additional Waterfall Display
- DX World Map
- Google World Map Access
- DX coutry prefix look up
- User Customizable Web call sign lookup
- HamCall, CallBook, and QRZ CD call lookup

PSK Modem Extended Capabilities Summary:

- Versions for both SWL Receiver and Amatuer Transceiver support
- Integrated BPSK Modem with station log access
- Modem signal displays for Audio, Spectrum, Waterfall, and Clock Synchronization
- Modem automatic audio signal overload detection
- Point and click frequency tracking
- Dedicated BPSK band select buttons
- Three(3) Digital Signal Processing Filters that are user customizable
- Squelch, AGC, anf AFC user controls on receive
- Receive IMD, Noise, and Modem Status display
- Automatic Clock drift locking on Receive
- Tunable Rx Lock Frequency
- Rx and Tx Buffer Display Fonts user customizable
- Macro Editor and Dictionary for configuring transmit phrases
- Canned Macros and MACRO memories for User Customizable macros
- User configurable Manual or automatic Text transmission

SWL Extended Capabilities Summary:

- Broadcast Station Database with 27 Customizable Columes
- Adaptive Import Wizard that maps fields inport into our database
- Data base Field colume sort, Field edit, Field Data Search, Broadcast Time Search
- Database with user customizable field columes and colume headers
- Database field maps for importing externam dabases including 320BD, ILG Pre and Post 2004, HFCC
- Track and Tune, displays database entries found while tuning in REAL-Time
- Sound Recorder with automatic scheduling of broadcast station program recording
- YV5GRV Short wave database included

Additional Receiver/Transceiver Support Functions:

- Transmiter/Antenna Failure Detection with Lockout
- Transmit Output Scope displaying your RF envelope in REAL-Time
- SSB Transmit Customizable Center Frequency (if supported by radio)
- Integrated CW Memory Keyboard with Automatic Text Generation from QSO
- CW Keyboard user macros, and Canned Strings
- Enhanced Digital Mode Support for Mode, MIC, Filters, Output Audio, Selectable per Band/Memory
- Selectable Transmit and Receive Filters customizable on a per band basis
- External COM port PTT control - K1EL WKUSB(c) CW Keyboard support
- ICOM IC-R75 expanded filter and dynamic filter discovery mode
- ICOM IC-R75 support for both PBT and IF shift controls
- TenTec Pegasus, Jupiter, Rx320 expanded mode support for CW, RTTY, and Sideband generated AM
- TenTec Eagle front panel tracking support
- TS-2000 Independent concurrent sub-receiver control interface
- TS-2000 acess to user customizable Rx and Tx Equalizer Settings

Microsoft Windows Support:

- Full 32-bit and 64-bit cpmpatibility
- Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7 Support
- No complex program install required
- No modifications to Windows Registry performed
- Independent PC disk database for band data
- Independent PC disk database for SWL database data
- Independent PC disk database for User Settings data
- Integrated Internet Access
- Enhanced support for newer multi-cpu based PCs
- Fully multi-threaded Windows based application
- User PC Processor Load/Response tuning support

Product User Support:

- Immediate Developer Support at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/CallSignSoftware-Support
- Free Updates for each Version Series, No Yearly support fees
- Modest Series Upgrade Prices for Registered Users
- Extensive Documentation Both Online and Offline
- Available as a download or on our eBay(c) site on CD, with Full Manual Set
- Beta User Participation

Please see our New Products page for Ultra Series Screen Shots.

We offer software for ICOM, YAESU, Kenwood, and TenTec product line including the Ten Tec Pegasus, Rx320, Jupiter, ICOM IC-R75, YAESU FT-950, FT-450 and KENWOOD TS-2000. We offer features designed by our HAM and SWL users that bring the true “spirit of radio” to your computer screen. We take advantage of Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and 32 bit programming in creating a set of radio control panels that employ powerful signal analysis tools with a flexible, user customizable interface, and an integrated station monitoring capability.

Our Amateur Radio and Short wave radio software is fully configurable to suit your operating habits and style with selectable meter types, tuning dial formats, knob types, filter access, and various (sound, sample, average, spectrum) scope displays to suit your operating style. The support of DSP technology and our own Custom Digital Filtering Techniques in our Spectrum Scope Displays allow users of all skill levels to locate signals under noisy band conditions.These filters reduces the unwelcome signal noise and interference on our spectral display scope using CallSign Software’s proprietary PC based Digital Filter and Noise Reduction Algorithms.

Using our Smart Mouse Control you can control your radio at the click or a roll of the wheel or search out additional stations using our interactive spectral scope feature with the ease of a point and click operation.

We feature an extensive database capability with indexed searches on any one of the 27 customizable database fields available to the shortwave listener or Amateur Radio Operator. Camp on that DX Cluster while simultaneously streaming filtered Cluster data to a text file or logging facility with our Ultra panel series. We have raised the bar on what whould be expected from a high-end integrated station control package.

We offer an extensive set of “control functions for the digital operator”. Our digital users have developed advanced digial mode controls in our transceiver panels for the Amatuer Radio Operator that are second to none.

Introducing the new series 4 “HamStationUltra and ScopeStationUltra”, a family of advanced Integrated Station control panels for the Amatuer Radio Operator and Short Wave Listener.

Our popular Shortwave Receiver control panel “ScopeStationUltra”, has an advanced spectral display scope, integrated database, with Station Monitoring. We feature Receiver control panels for the TenTec and ICOM. Our extensive Database Capabilities were designed with the SWL in mind. These panels were built specifically to optimize the monitoring capability of these radios.

**** All our control panels are specifically designed for each radio. We`do not short cut or omit function by using the one panel for all radios. All our panels have an extensive database that holds your preferences, memories, and specific characteristics of the radio. The graphics are professional bit-mapped floating point for display accuracy. We use a consistent and straight forward classic panel layout so that you do not have to re-learn where things are****

Now Available:

TenTec Rx320

YAESU FT - 950
Kenwood TS - 2000
TenTec Pegasus
TenTec Jupiter



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