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Page Last Updated: 3/22/09
Technical Questions
Question: I am having problems with the radio starting. It immediately gives me an error message and closes.

Answer: One thing to check is if you happen to have "large fonts" selected with your video adapter. Currently our software does not work with this configuration, so you will need to run normal fonts (96 dpi). We are currently working on a solution to better integrate Large Fonts(126dpi).

Question: I can not get my HamCall CD to integrate with your program. It does not seem to work.
Answer: You can either install the database to your harddrive or run it from the CD. The correct patch is drive:\ham0\. So if you have it saved on your c-drive, the correct path is c:\ham0\. The easist way to find it is to click the browse button "..." and locate the ham0 directory. Make sure the box is checked that says enable HamCall Database lookups.
Question: What kind of memory database structure do you use?
Answer: Our program will read the standard Ten-Tec memory files directory but because we use an optimized database, you can import ILG files and others as well. You can read more about our database structure on our database page.
Question: I am having problems with the radio's PC interface. I am using a Belkin USB to com port adapter. Is there any special settings that I should use to make it work correctly?
Answer: Unfortunately, USB adapters are hit and miss when it comes to functionality. We have found that not all USB adapters will support communications at its full potential and some not at all. The USB adapter must be able to support 100% duty cycle rates or at least be rated as a NULL modem adapter. If the USB adapter cannot support these rates you will experience serial line disconnects in the radio panel and USB driver lockup in you PC as the adapter cannot keep up with the windows USB driver.

However we have successfully used a USB to serial adapter sold by JDR Microdevices out of California, www.jdr.com, who sell a USB adapter called a USB to SER and it is rated as a NULL modem serial to USB adapter. We use the JDR device and it has performed well. It is made by USB LTD, a trademark of FTDI LTD. It seems to be able to handle the continuous duty cycle that is required by the radio's serial interface.

Question: I am experiencing serial interface disconnects occasionally, what can I do to remedy this?
Answer: The software features a number of settings that can be changed based upon your PC's configuration and other applications that you are running. A disconnect can be caused by another application monopolizing CPU time such that other applications as the radio panel get little or no time. We maintain a watchdog that keeps a close eye on the serial port. If we do not get a status report from the radio within the serial port receive timeout period we declare a disconnect has happened. To remedy the disconnect issue you can increase the receive timeout time on the serial interface COMFIG settings. A second option is to increase the Radio Display Priority Settings for the Main Panel. It is usually set to normal. Setting it to High will insure that the radio software will get some time. Unfortunately if you run an application that takes over the PC and blocks the running of all applications then you will experience the serial interface disconnect if the application hogs the CPU for more than the maximum timeout time of about 120 seconds. This is poor application design and unfortunately we cannot provide a fix for that.
Question: My wattmeter is off on some bands and OK on others. Can I calibrate this?
Answer: The Pegasus/Jupiter wattmeter is generally off depending what band you are on and the SWR. My wattmeter is also off by a good 20 watts on 40. The software provides the three(3)calibration points for the output meter settings. I have checked the power against a Bird Wattmeter and it puts out the power, but the data from the wattmeter A/D interface is frequency sensitive. An additional error is introduced by an error in the SWR bridge. So I suggest you calibrate the meter on 20 meters and expect an error at the edges of the spectrum (1.8 and 29.6). As you may notice some bands are dead on and some are way off. .
Question: What kind of system will your programs run on ?
Answer: The program has been designed to run on a wide range of PC's. The minimum system requirements are a PIV-1000 with 1GB of RAM running Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, or Vista. We are only compatible on Windows 2003 server in Win2000 compatibility mode. If you plan to load large databases such as the ILG database and run other applications then you will need more memory. The program requires about 40 megabytes of hard disk space including the program, docs, and downloadable support data. The program makes no modifications to your system files or registry.
Question: It appears my radio is starting but there is no S-Meter and I do not get any receive audio.

Answer: This indicates there are no serial communications. Problems with your serial communications will show up in your error log which is located in your software folder. The file name will end in "log.ini" (example pegasusplusLog.ini). Make sure you have the error log checked in your serial settings.

Verify that you have a working COM port and try selecting it manually in the settings panel. If that does not work, close the program and power the Pegasus off for 5 seconds and on again. Restart your program.

Some older hardware does not support CTS "clear to send". To correct this, open your Software settings panel and under Serial Operating Preferences click the check box that says "Disable CTS check" If you are using a USB adapter, see the #1 FAQ above.

NOTE: Our software requires TenTec firmware version 1.114 or newer. We highly recommend you update to the latest version available which is free at TenTec's website.

Question: My remote knob is jerky or skips when I try to tune.
Answer: The remote knob requires tuning and is sensitive to the hardware you are running. Start by running the "Remote POD Tuning Wizard" by opening the Tuning Knob operating preferences in the settings panel.
If the answer to your problem can not be found above, please contact our support department.
Sales and Ordering Questions
Question: What Payment terms do you accept?
Answer: You can order online using your credit card or send your payment using the U.S. postal service.
Question: Do I have to pay annual subscription fee's like some of the other companies?
Answer: No, there are no additional fee's beyond your initial purchase. Minor Updates and bug fixes are free for life. New versions will be offered to registered users at reduced rates as they become available.




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