Last Update: 05/21/2014

Mike Cobuccio, Architect of the CallSign Software Radio and Long Time Amateur Radio Operator, WA1EYP, Biography

First licensed in 1965 at the age of 15, I got my General Class license a year later. I was a "rabbit" builder of antenna tuners, grounded grid amplifiers, and experimental wire antennas. This inspired me to go on to college where I received a degree in applied Mathematics with minors in Physics and Electrical Engineering.

After starting out designing RF based laser switching systems for industrial laser trimming systems, I then switched to software development where I was part of the original design team for the user interface of the famous Wang Laboratories Word Processing System, WPS-10/20/30. I then went to work for the entrepreneur who invented the Programmable Controller where I was responsible for the design of the first real-time Microcomputer based Plastic Molding Machine Monitoring System for the Buick Division of General Motors. This product featured a color graphics display terminal for reporting alarms, status, and manufacturing product parts counts in real-time.

Shortly thereafter, I established my own consulting business developing computer user interfaces for real-time embedded systems which lasted about 18 years. In the last 17 years, I have been actively developing computer user interfaces based upon the Microsoft Windows(c) operating systems for real-time applications in multi-media, database design for real-time systems and communications.

Being an active amateur radio operator, I was first a "SWL listener" and "rag chewer" and passed my Extra Class License about 10 years ago. It was around this time, I became interested in the application of computers to amateur radio. I acquired my first MSDOS based antenna modeling program and became interested in DSP based radios around the introduction of the "Kachina Radio" but decided the entry price for the radio was too high. Looking for a less expensive radio system, I was attracted to the Ten-Tec Pegasus when it was first released. After downloading the programmers’ reference manual and at the urging of fellow hams, I decided to roll my own radio. Inspired by the "over-priced" off shore radios and realizing that most of today’s radios are feature based software products, I decided to build a top end rig feature-wise which then could be scaled to "back end" radio platforms like the TenTec Pegasus. These designs could offer various levels of performance as they were based upon the radio’s electronics and DSP design. Hence CallSign Software was born!

As a kid and son of an immigrant laborer, there were many radios that I liked and could not afford. Recent DSP designs combined with Microsoft Windows(c) now affords me the ability to simply build the radio of my dreams at a price we can all afford. I hope you enjoy the products we offer as much as I have enjoyed building them and using them.

73 es gud dx, Mike




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