Database information

Starting in version 3.00.06 we have upgraded to an advanced database which allows importing of common databases including the popular ILG Radio Database. Our format has enough fields to import the largest of databases including the entire ILG, as well as additional radio specific fields.

The database is heavily integrated with the radio control software and allows for tuning in one of two ways. Either tune from the database window and watch the radio follow or tune the radio in the normal manner and watch the results in either the DB window or the new TNT (track-n-tune) window. click for picture

The Database is loaded with features including user configurable colors for current selection, matching frequencies, stations currently broadcasting and more. You can either tune using the database by either double clicking your selection or by using the radio buttons (arrows) to advance one line at a time. click for picture
Each record in the database MUST be preceeded by the following line.

This tag defines the start of a record. The fields in a record are defined as follows and MUST follow in any order. one per line, each terminated by a newline character.Each line can be up to 255 characters long. Each record entry looks as follows.

CallSign=no call
Frequency=13.650000 (Must be frequency in MHZ)
Power=no power
STN_RST=no report
QSL_INFO=no QSL info
STNAddress=no address
Announcer=no announcer
Email=no QSL info
Program=(no program)
ProgramType=(no type)
Schedule=no schedule
Filter=8.00 (Can be either 8.00 or 8000)
Status=no status
Azimuth=0 Az.
Longitude=0 long.
STNZone=Zone 1
Transmitter_Zone=Tx Zone 20
AutoSCHEDULE=0 (Must be 0 or 1)
DAY=0 (actual number)
HOUR=0 (actual number)
MINUTE=0 (actual number)
HOUR2=0 (actual number)
MINUTE2=0 (actual number)
SkipScan=0 (Must be 0 or 1)

Note that the "=" sign must follow each field with no spaces. All of the fields are free form except those noted. The CallSign Software disk file is an *.cdb" file and be loaded, appended, or saved. One the data is in memory it may be combined with a ".rmf" file and susequently saved as a ".cdb" database. There is no limit to the size of the database other than available memory or disk or for that matter CPU speed as big files may take a while to process.

ILG Structure document

ILG is without a doubt the most complete database in the world. As a courtesy we have listed the field format for those who wish to convert it and use with our programs. If you are a serious SWL'r we highly recommend you register with ILG and take advantage of their database. The database structure is listed here. (to download, right click and save target as)



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