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The download page is always being updated. Please check back for news and software and documentation updates. As new versions of the software are available, the download center will be reloaded with unkeyed kits so that our users may download the latest versions. Ultra Series currently at the - Base Version 4020.

Last Updated: 08/09/2015


Station Download News:

<<<< NEW >>>>You are encouraged to join our Yahoo Support Group for all of the latest information on kits. We closely monitor this group. So when reporting any problems please be specific about the issue you are having including radio, version of Windows and a brief description on how to replicate the issue. I shall get back to you as soon as possible.

We shall continue to support the Pegasus along with the Jupiter.


<<<< NEW >>>> Checkout this great article in the September Monitoring Times(c) on ScopeStation for the Rx320.
Monitoring Times(c) Article on ScopeStation.

<<<< NEW >>>> Checkout this review Appearing in QST(c) May issue 2009 on HamStationUltra for the TS-2000.
QST(c) Article on HamStationUltra.


Manual Download Center:

<<<< NEW >>>> Jupiter Users with Due to some bugs introduced into by TenTec into the Firmware the following commands need user attention before you start the software. This is because we use Pegasus Emulation mode which permits us to get at many more commands not currently accessible in Jupiter native mode.
1. RF Gain Should be set to max or else the firmware prohibits us from getting the full range out of the control.
2. Speech Processor Level should be set to at least 1% or else we are locked out from making any level changes.

Available manuals for our users and interested parties.

All HamStationUltra and ScopeStationUltra Series Software Packages:

<<<< NEW >>>> Download the PowerSDR Quick Start Software Reference Manual v4.34 for the CallSign HamStation Ultra Series.
PowerSDR QuickStartUserGuide 4.34

<<<< NEW >>>> Download the latest Ultra Series Radio Software User Interface Reference Manual for HamStationUltra and ScopeStationUltra. This is our basic Reference Manual for all products.
Ultra Radio Software Reference Manual for current versions

Download a HamStationUltra and ScopeStationUltra Installation Guide by Skip Glover, K1SPG for the Ultra Series version 4.xx Installation using the TS-2000 as an example.
Installing the HamStationUltra Software Package

Download a HamStationUltra and ScopeStationUltra User Guide by Skip Glover, K1SPG for the Ultra Series version 4.xx Maintenance (updates) using the TS-2000 as an example.
Maintenance Basics under Windows for TS-2000 v4.xx

Quick Start User Guides

Download a Quick Start User Guide for the TenTec Radios Ultra Series version 4.xx
TenTec QuickStartUserGuide v4.xx

Download a Quick Start User Guide for the Kenwood TS-2000 Ultra Series version 4.xx
Kenwood TS-2000 QuickStartUserGuide v4.xx

Download a Quick Start User Guide of the FT-450 HamStationUltra Series version 4.xx
FT-450 HamStationUltra QuickStart UserGuide v4.xx

Download a Quick Start User Guide of the FT-950 HamStationUltra Series version 4.xx
FT-950 HamStationUltra QuickStart UserGuide v4.xx

Download a Quick Start User Guide for the CallSign ICOM IC-R75 ScopeStationUltra version 4.xx
ICOM IC-R75 ScopeStationUltra QuickStartUserGuide version 4.xx

Download the COMDEX User Guide for Ultra version 4.xx
COMDEX Ultra User Manual for version 4.xx

**** Older obsolete **** Software Reference Manuals-

Extreme Station Download News:

<< Version 3 Extreme Users >>This version does NOT support Windows Vista,Windows 7 or Windows8. You must upgrade to Ultra Version 4 series.

As of version 3.16 the Sound Scope requires the use of the DirectX library of at least version 8. Older versions of Windows 98, 98SE and ME may require an update of Microsoft DirectX. Windows 2000 and XP already come with DirectX. The new Microsoft DirectX 9 can be obtained at the link below. Future updates will use this library for any digital sound processing that we do.
Microsoft DirectX Downloads

All Extreme Series Software Packages:


Users Guide is available for the ScopeStation v3.16 covering the TenTec Rx320(c) and Rx350(c). You can download the user guide from the link below. It is about 2 Megs in size..
ScopeStation User Guide for v3.161
ScopeStation User Guide for v3.17


Users Guide is available for the HamStationExtreme v3.15 covering the Elecraft K2(c), TenTec Pegasus(c), and Jupiter(c). You can download the user guide from the link below. It is about 3 Megs in size..
HamStationExtreme User Guide for v3.15
HamStationExtreme User Guide for v3.17

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Similar to our former Beta program our licensed versions of the software will be distributed to users with a license key that idenifies the User, the model of the Radio, and the software package information. The license key is sent to the user upon confirmation of purchase and funds transfer either by credit card or check. The License Key is very specific to the user and the product purchased. Do not lose the License Key. LICENSE KEYS ARE TRANSFERRABLE TO NEW USERS for a small fee. The license key is now sent to a new user in the form of a configuration file, license.ini. This file when found is automatically used to update the program's configuration file.


All of our software comes distributed as a kit of files enclosed in a single compressed zip file. The kits require no special installation program. They may be unzipped by any zip file extraction program such as WinZip. Simply create a folder that you wish to hold the program and its associated configuration files in; unzip the software kit into the folder, and finally create a shortcut to the executable. Be sure to include as the Start In folder as the folder containing your kit files. Place all the files in the kit in the same folder including the library files. The first time you run the software you will have a set of default settings. You may alter the settings without making a radio connection. When you close the program your settings will automatically be saved.

Program Updates:

Normally program updates will be distributed as Image updates where resetting of the License key will be unnecessary. The user can simply download the latest image update. Image updates will at all times preserve your current default settings. Any settings that need to be converted will be automatically done for the user. Any missing settings as would be the case when new features are introduced will automatically be supplied with the default setting for that feature. The user may then change the setting and save it. All registered licensed users are entitled to program updates as they become available and my obtain them by simply performing a download of a new kit update.

There will be no yearly recurring subscription charges. Support for a release level will be based upon the support provided by vendors that make up the product base, in this case TenTec and Microsoft. For instance if Microsoft drops all support for a version of Windows such as they have done with Windows 3.0, then support for the product running on that base will be dropped and users will be offered upgrades to other versions of the program.

Miscellaneous Updates:

Here is a set of Digital Fonts to give you rig that hi-tech look!
Download Digital Fonts


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