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CallSign Software provides a variety of Radio Control Packages to drive ICOM, Kenwood, YAESU, and Ten-Tec's latest DSP based Transceivers and Receivers. With the power of your PC, our software gives you features only previously available on more expensive radios. You get all you need to operate the radio of your dreams.

* CallSign Software's Radio Control Software allows you to tailor your Radio Panel's Interface for either your Ham Radio or Short-Wave Listener operating habits.
* Both Hams and SWLers can quickly access radio and user information with our Point and Click Scope Faces featuring instant QSY, enjoy our pre-programmed sweep widths, use Enhanced SWL logging features with our Expaneded database fields, tune frequency, and select one out of our tuning steps for the HAM and SWL, access these features directly, or by using a wheelmouse, view received signal levels through our graphical filter interface, and much more.
* Hams can pulse tune their tranmitter or use the fine tuning features of the auto-tuner while SWLers can take advantage of our Track and Tune feature which gives them a TV-like window into the SWL database while tuning.
* Both Hams and SWLers alike can enjoy our pre-programmed color coded labeled Ham and Short-Wave bands.
* We are full 32-bit based software in both the functionality and the graphics we employ. We also operate on Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, and Vista directly through the serial interface on your PC or on our USB to Serial Interface adapter. We do not require a big PC. You can run our software reasonibly on a Pentium running at 1.8 Ghz with at least 2 GB of Memory (128 Megs for a large database loads such as ILG) and about 40 Megs of disk space for all of our manuals and application notes.

As one of our users commented, "We use cutting edge technology to bring you a full featured realistic Radio Control Panel that you can also customize in format and functionality!". We do not create new features within the radio. We try to use its features effectively and bring you an integrated station capability.   


ScopeStation Version 3 series for the TenTec Rx320

Our ** New ** ScopeStationUltra Version 4 series for the ICOM IC-R75

HamStation was our basic PC based Ham Radio Transceiver Software Control Panel. It has been replaced by the HamStationUltra which is an Integrated Set of Station Tools and Database including all of the basic features of HamStation to help you make those QSOs.

HamStationUltra includes a new enhanced receive and transmit scope display built on top of a custom designed PC based Digital Filter to help clean up the scope signal display and find those hidden stations in the spectrum. All of our receive scope displays feature point and click QSY to any blip on the scope display and a return back to your original frequency with the release of the mouse button.

For the CW ops, a CW Memory Keyboard is provided that includes 100 memories plus memory descriptors, a canned message generator with automatic keyword substitution in both the message generator and your own composed messages. Keywords contain both QSO, operator, and contact details. The QSO information may be easily transmitted to an integral station log.

Again for the CW op we provide support for built in keyer with our split speed range providing finer keyer speed granlarity. We give you front panel access to the key speed control with a digital speed readout.

We provide dual power levels; one for tuning purposes and the other for actual transmission again accessible from the front panel with a digital power and swr readout.

A station log is provided with quick logging access of contacts from the front panel and the built in CW memory keyboard. The station log also gives you the capability of looking up callsigns from either the HamCall(c) CD or the CallBook(c) CD. Detailed contact information can be imported right from the CD to your station log. The station log can print log sheets with both custom page headers, footers, and numbering.

The HamStationUltra combines the receive scope features of the ScopestationUltra with a Transmit Monitor Scope.

Both digital and analog metering is provided. The digital metering comes in a variety of formats include single parameter display and a multi-meter display. You can calibrate both the analog and digital meter displays separately. Along with our watt meter and swr metering displays we provide a clibration too to adjust the accurracy of the wattmeter and swr meter.

We also supply a calibration tool to keep you frequency display on frequency. For radios with internal calibration support we give you the ability to supply up to 30 calibration points on the HF spectrum.

For radios thatsupport a real tuning knob like the TenTec remote POD we support remote tuning capabilities and in user programable function assignments to the POD's keypad.

Wondering about future band assignments. We also support the ability to create custom bands. You assign a frequency range, scale color, and label that indicates the band wavelength. This is automatically saved and restored for in our custom band banks. It enjoys all of the capability as any built in band.

We also provide a digital Data Mode capability to support the digital modes. It gives the user the ability to control audio output and line gain separately from the normal listening gain. The user can also set the audio input mode and automatically disable certain functions such as the speech processor.

Please see our new products page for an updated picture of the HamStationUltra. For more product details our UserGuides are available for download from our download page.

More info on the HamStationUltra


The ScopeStationUltra is a PC Radio Software Receiver Control Panel which features a high resolution 4-1/2 inch wide front panel scope display with 2 operating modes, a Spectrum Scope and a Signal Analysis Scope (Sampling Scope).

As a valuable tool for contesting or DXing, these scopes have multiple display resolutions that allow you to trade-off sweep speed versus resolution - you can see an entire broadcast band in one sweep! By trading off between resolution and sweep time, you can identify blips and quickly focus and find those stations.

The ScopeStationUltra is our advanced PC Shortwave Receiver Integrated Radio Software Control Panel. ScopeStationUltra has been enhanced from its humble beginnings to contain an integrated set of features to help you locate and log those DX stations. To do this along with your receiver, we provide database and logging tools, and our advanced scope displays to enhance your monitoring enjoyment.

The scope displays contain a variety of scope scan widths, resolutions, sweep filter settings, and sweep modes. These scope displays may be saved and later loaded for a more detailed analysis. Each band has its own scope storage memory so that you can go back to that band and refer to any previously swepted results. Each band can also save the previously set scope settings for automatic recall when the band is visited again.

The ScopeStationUltra scope displays also contain the same custom PC based digital filter that the HamStationUltra has to help eliminate base band noise on the scope and enhance low signals in a noisy band. DX signals just pop out on the display that are at such a low level audio-wise, you would ordinarily skip right over them when tuning. All of our receive scope displays feature point and click QSY to any blip on the scope display and a return back to your original frequency with the release of the mouse button.

Use our enhanced spreadsheet with 27 customizable columes in the SWL Memory system for database tracking with a Wizard that can import many database types. The SWL memory window display features both sorting and searching capability whose results can be displayed in a separete spread sheet style window separate from the main database. With our Auto Scheduling feature in the SWL datbase, channelized Program listening is easy to schedule daily, weekly, or on single occasions. We also provide the SWLer with the ability to activate external audio recording equipment such as a logger when a station is scheduled. The SWLer can specify the automatic muting and activation of the line output upon recording of the program. The SWL database window also gives you access to a limited set of receiver controls such as the s-meter, VFO tuning, audio gain, and sweeping. Sweeping can be limited to the selected sweep resolution or can be from band edge to band edge.

The SWLer can also use our GCR mode. The GCR mode turns the entire radio into a single band receiver where a band is the entire spectrum. A band sweep can be the the entire spectrum yielding an informative HF spectrum plot. It can also be swept in a number of MHz segments. Band up and down operations are done on a MHz basis.

Use the integrated station sound recorder to record those scheduled programs or anything at all. We have a program scheduler to help you make unattended program recording. It is only limited by your PC internal sound recorder and it uses your default sound card settings

With the Track and Tune window featue and a loaded SWL database you can see station details as you are tuning. It also detects mutiple stations on the same frequency and gives you the ability to flip through the stations.

ScopeStationUltra provides supports multiple scanning modes including by Frequency Range, by SWL Station Memory and or our Quick Memories. You can scan frequency ranges, SWL memory database record groups, or the QuickMemory system. Our scanning package features settable dwell times, and stop and lock on signals with or without a signal level qualifiers.

Please see our new products page for an updated picture of the ScopeStationUltra. For more product details our UserGuides are available for download from our download page.

More info on the ScopeStationUltra



Both HamStationUltra and ScopeStationUltra Feature:

* Real-time Sound Scope, Signal Averaging Scope, Receive Bandwidth Scope and spread sheet style Station Log that supports editing with user comments, and printing with headers and footers.
* For propagation enthusaists we provide a Propagation Monitor, WWV-CHU, and NCDXF/IARU access panels.
* With our Multi-dimensioned tuning system users who like the look and feel of a tuning knob we have integrated support of the Griffin Technologies USB PowerMate(c) knob. You may customize how you use it which includes the main tuning functions or other software functions. Along with the PowerMate we also provide a variety of capabilities through the standard mouse wheel supported by Microsoft Windows(c). We provide selectable tuning knob styles including accelerated tuning that ramps up the tuning the longer you tune. This feature can be selected by the operator including a backlash delay that simulates use of a real knob.
* Use the integrated station sound recorder to record those DX stations or anything at all. It is only limited by your PC internal sound recorder and it uses your default sound card settings.
* For users tracking beacons we provide a separate beacon log that permits the user to log becon frequencies from either the SWL memory system, the station log, or the current frequency.
* The front panel gives you access to a coutry callsign prefix quick lookup database within the software. Detailed call lookups may be accessed through a configurable Web lookup capability.
* Band registers for each shortwave and Ham band within its receive capability are provided. These registers contain both scope and receiver operating parameters. A additional bank of QuickMemory registers are provided that may be used by the user as he/she sees fit. They are in effect auxiliary band registers and can store and recall all of the information to/from a band register. We also provide a QuickMemory Browser that permits the user to review the data in any one of these band registers and scan through them also.
* Both digital and analog metering styles are provided.

On our new Version 4 series:

* We have added triple band stacking registers on every band both Ham and SWL.
* We have added 3D enhancements with more user customization of the front panel such as coloring, knob backlighting, enhanced graphics, and slider control sytling.
* We provide a Cluster Monitoring facility that includes an integrated Telnet client, Data Monitor with Filtering, and an integrated logging facility that streams data in real-time to text files or to a spread sheet style "DX" log.
* We have functional toolbars both static and dynamic. These toobars group together similar functions based on feature. For instance the "Sweep" controls bar presents all of the controls for the front panel scope.


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