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System Configurations:
All panels run through the radio's remote computer interface. This is usually a serial interface. The panels are designed to run HANDS OFF! That is you cannot use the physical front panel at the same time the software is running unless specified in the software. Some panels do permit the user to use the MAIN tuning. These packages are designed to be run as a desktop or laptop application pnly. We support Windows 2000, XP, and Vista as single user based application.

No Install:
We distribute the software in a zip file. There is no complex install. You simply EXTRACT the license key and radio files into the folder of your choice, create a shortcut if you wish, and run the program. The registry is left intact and all window registrations are temporary, not permanent. Updates are distributed in zip file format and only replace the necessary files. Notifications of available updates kits are on our Yahoo support group. You are encouraged to join it for all of the latest information on kits.

Version 3 users:
This version does NOT support Windows Vista. You must upgrade to Ultra Version 4 series for Vista Support.

Remittance by check:
We will take checks, postal money orders, western union money orders or money orders drawn on any established banking institution that deals with U.S. Banks. If you remit by this method please include a printed registration form. Link is below.

Direct Payments: You may send payment to us directly. Our PayPal email address is "mike@callsignsoftware.com". We will email you a registration form for registration key generation.

All Purchasers:
It can take PayPal up to 48 hours to process your purchase, test your license key and setup our customer database.
When you make a purchase, please fill out the software registration form at the end of your purchase. With this information we will create your software access key and test it. The license key is NOT automatically generated. We test each one with the kit it is destined for. We will then email to you, your download account, password, and registration key. If you do not hear from us within 48 hours please email us as we may have received your sales information.

Registered Users:
Remember the benefits of the beta program are...
1. You get to try early versions of the software.
2. Can suggest new features for newer versions that will benefit all in the areas of the program that interest you such as database, logging, scopes, etc.
3. Can contribute application notes that we will publish on out download page

USERS with USB to SERIAL Adapters:
Some of our users have had many problems with these devices because most cannot keep up with the duty cycle rates of a Modem or the supplied software driver does not properly comply with the Microsoft Windows(c) Driver model. Modem compliance means that they MUST be capable of sustaining a continuous data stream much like that encountered when downloading files. They must also support modem controls for data flow control which we use on all the radio products that support this. Failure of the USB/Serial Adapter to comply with this will result in improper operation of the software. These capabilities must be stated on the product. We recommend the > 9 pin Serial to USB adapter They are less than $50.00, come with a Window's driver, and are widely available. We suggest the USB2 based high speed FDTI adapter chip which works properly with the high speed baud rates on all Microsoft Versions of windows. Alternately Cyber Serial makes plug in serial boards for desktops. We have also tested the software with PCMCIA, Serial Gear RS-232C to serial adapter.

On Vista we do not recommend any USB to Serial Adapters. Please consult the user group for the latest information about these adapters.

We are NOT RESPONSIBLE for a faulty USB to SERIAL ADAPTERS that DO NOT MEET serial port specifications for flow control and Microsoft Windows(c) DRIVER requirements. YOU MUST PROVIDE THAT!! This is a hardware compatibility issue, not software!

This Software is sold as is and MAY NOT BE RETURNED. If you are unsure about its feature set, we provide manuals and application notes free to download. We have a user group that you may access that will provide answers and information that can detail the software's capabilities. We do not offer any DEMO software.

We have found that there is a learning time required to fully understand all of the features we offer and how the features interact. The ramp up time on the software could take as long as 3 months to fully utilize all of its capabilities. You must have a good working knowledge on using the PC and connecting data communication devices such as a radio's data communication or remote interface. This is a very powerful program that will support most of your interests in radio and station's activities in a single package. We are constantly getting great ideas from our users that eventually become part of our feature set. This is where we choose to invest our time.

We do not represent this as simple program, there are many out there that do fit in that category. It will support many of your interests in radio and station's activities in a single package.

We are constantly getting great ideas from our users that eventually become part of our feature set. This is where we choose to invest our time.

Email Access:

If you cannot supply us with an email address that can accept attached ZIP files or canot unzip the files correctly then you MUST order the CD version of the software. If you cannot accept attached ZIP files or if your virus program corrupts the file when ordering the downloadable version, you will be required to wait for the CD version to arrive. All program updates are only distributed through our download center.

After the purchase:
The kit files are located in our download center and are all in zip file format. Programs such as Winzip are suitable for extracting the license key file and program files from our download center kits. If you purchase by CD, as a courtesy, we setup a download account for you to access your kit files until your CD arrives. The software comes as a set of extractable files. There is no complex setup, just a simple readme for initial folder setup. The program self installs itself as long as you have the license key file in the proper folder. Your system is not modified. You may install the software on as many systems as you wish. We also have a software license transfer policy. If you sell your radio you may transfer your software license key to the new user for a very small administrative fee.

This is a technical product that does require a minimal level of computer knowledge.
If you have any questions prior to purchase please feel free to send me an email or just ASK MIKE using the link at the bottom of this page.

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